Posted by: Karen | May 2, 2009


I started this afternoon off by going to Gord’s, my favourite running store, but they were swamped with customers and Gord was no where to be seen, so I didn’t buy shoes this time. I’ll go back again some other day.

I popped into Tri It, my favourite triathlon gear store, because I thought they might have bike tires for my little tri bike, but they didn’t. I did get an enthusiastic hug from Richelle Love. She is such a sweetheart! They didn’t have my shoes there either, but it was definitely worth popping in for the hug. I might have to try some Zoot shoes someday.

A few blocks down from Tri It, Little Runner and I got sucked into Lics Ice Cream shop and spent half an hour choosing and consuming ice cream. She had Cotton Candy flavour. I had Chocolate Brownie Meltdown. We ate outside in the sunshine.

We carried on westward to Bow Cycle, one of Calgary’s biggest cycling stores. Little Runner was in awe as we walked in and she saw two floors full of bikes and parts. “MOM! Look at all the BIKES!” She found herself a butterfly bike bell and wouldn’t part with it. I got a Canada flag one. Yes, the store had Kenda tires in my unusual bike’s size. No blue ones, but I can ride on black just as well. And bonus, it was on sale for $29 instead of $49!

Now I just have to install them.

Now I just have to install them.

Last weekend I bought a swim suit on sale. This weekend my bike tire was on sale. Somewhere, next weekend, my shoes will be on sale. Must find them.

Now I just have to figure out how to put the bike tire on my back rim. I told Hubby he could help me as long as he doesn’t touch anything. I want to learn how to do it myself.



  1. A locally owned running store that’s too busy to sell shoes? It must be spring in Canada!

  2. Oh, they would have sold shoes to me if I’d waited, but I was too busy to
    wait to buy shoes 🙂

    Plus, I needed to talk to Gord about sponsoring my race, so I’ll do that
    when he’s not so busy selling shoes!

    I am getting sooo behind on stuff like blogging (damn twitter) and race
    organizing, but chipping away at it slowly. Thanks for dropping by, Anne!



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