Posted by: Karen | April 13, 2009

Easter Run

My daughter’s new bike got me out the door yesterday. My ears and sinuses had been aching for a couple of days, and I was feeling lazy, but knew I needed to run.

On Saturday Hubby bought her a new mountain bike with money she’d saved from Nana’s gift last Christmas. She’s really enjoying riding it in the bumpy gravel back alley and in the crescent out front.

Yesterday afternoon I got dressed in running clothes, but just told myself I’d go out for a walk, and if running happened and I enjoyed it, that would be a bonus. I asked Little Runner along and suggested she bring her bike, and voila, running happened.

I ran more than I walked for more than 45 minutes and at one point we stopped to look at some wild crocuses up on a hill. We stopped to buy a jug of milk on the way home, which meant walking the last 1km, but it was a nice day for it.

My ears bothered me out on the run (I kept them covered with a buff), but within a couple of hours the ache went away. I guess they were just waiting for me to do something healthy.



  1. I’ve been catching up again. Quite a contrast in photos from the snowman during spring break and the crocus-popping picture on your hike. That looked like a lot of fun, as is running while your daughter’s acclimating to her new bike.

  2. “Voilà, running happened.”


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