Posted by: Karen | April 5, 2009

April Already

I’d re-title this “Finally, April”, except there are still thigh high snow drifts in my neighbourhood and yo, it’s April already! But enough whining.

Once upon a time there was a small child who had a temper tantrum in the supermarket. After she’d begged and cried, pouted and held her breath until she passed out, she eventually came to and still had to carry on home without her desired delectables. My spring running slump goes like that some years. I pout and whine and fuss, and still have to carry on without my spring arriving when and in the manner I wish it would.

I did find some solid ground on which to run this week.

Tuesday at lunch I ran with the brand new Calgary Roadrunners Start Line group. We ran for 30 seconds at a time and walked for 90 seconds in between, for 20 minutes. I got to run up front,because I had a watch that could actually beep at those intervals, and I have bright red mitts. At each beep I got to signal to the group behind me by waving a red mitt high in the air and shout “RUN!” or “WALK!”

Okay, true confession – Melody asked me to lead the group because she knew I could keep it at a fairly slow jog for the newbies. Hey, I’ve been a Penguin for nine years – I specialize in that pace. It worked pretty well, we think. I’ll be out there again this Tuesday.

Tuesday night I still had a little energy left, and my family kicked me out the door to go run with the 10k group at Edworthy Park. Liesbeth and Meaghan kept me company while we ran a steady 5 miles between Home Road and the Crowchild bridge. Including a couple of short breaks, we ran for 58:55 and I had no desire to finish running the whole hour to round out the numbers.

Thursday night instead of running I curled up in front of Survivor and began knitting my second apple/pear cozy. It looks pretty cool, except that it’s the size of a large crabapple. I suppose it would suit a fig.

This morning I realized that I’d been a lazy bum all yesterday and got myself out the door for a short 33 minute run/hike. Then I took Little Runner to the pool. I did a few laps before the workout dissolved into a session of “how to look like a mermaid underwater”  with the kiddo. I do believe that she will learn to float for longer than 10 seconds, eventually.



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