Posted by: Karen | March 28, 2009

Global Warming; Yeah Whatever

Last weekend I was supposed to meet my mom to hand over Little Runner for spring break. That didn’t work, due to the snowstorm. I said I’d go up this weekend, as if I’d brought her up before, because I would have traveled this weekend anyway.

Still not happening. There’s MORE SNOW out there. Less than last week’s storm, but I’m whiny and I think I’m fighting a mutated version of the cold I had last month. I gave it to Little Runner who gave it to Hubby, who’s giving it back. I don’t want to drive 3 hours one way in the snow.

I’m going to sit and knit. No running. I’m tired of not touching earth when I run. My earth has all this crusty stuff all over it that cracks and crumbles and doesn’t melt fast enough. It’s like a fungus – it keeps returning!

I promise to run Tuesday, with the new CRR learn to run class (called The Start Line) downtown at noon. I get to help coach. That will do for now.

I might get on the bike trainer in the basement this weekend. Might not.

Oh hey, it’s Earth Hour tonight. I can knit by candlelight.



  1. Hi Karen
    I am a runner and not a reader but I enjoy reading your posts. I’m going to list your blog on my web site.
    Keep running and writing


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