Posted by: Karen | March 22, 2009

XC Grand Prix Awards Night

The Cross Country Grand Prix Awards Dinner on Saturday, March 21 was fun as always.

Usually we play a fun party game before dinner. This year it was a scavenger hunt through our pockets, purses and cars. Our table won. Woohoo! It helped that Kent had a fountain pen, Melody had a compass on the hiking stick in her car, Philippa wore an analog watch, Lorna had an old bus pass stashed away and Jim knew the magnetic declination of Calgary. I contributed my blood donor card. The only thing we missed was an old pocket calendar.

The potluck dinner was delicious. I ate until I was stuffed. I got to dress up the awards table with various roots I found at the supermarket (celery root, beets, carrots, peanuts, onions, ginger) and then later I played “Vanna” when the age group and iron person awards were announced.

The age group awards were ceramic mugs that the XC committee hand painted at a craft shop. This year the theme was “Back to Your Roots/Routes”, so each mug had art referring to that theme. Very cool. Derek made awards from glass fusion for the male and female overall winners.

Ironpersons also received mugs, but with a race photo of the recipient on them. They also received an 8 x 10 print of their race photo. We had the most Ironpersons ever this year.

Again, I won stuff. This year I moved up to 2nd Place in the Women’s 40-49 category and I was also an Ironperson. Showing up when others don’t pays off.

There were doorprizes, good music, and lots of good conversation. It was a nice way to wrap up the season.



  1. You sound so modest about placing in your Grand Prix series and being designated an Ironperson (gotta laugh at that bit of PC-ness). Well, let me yell out a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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