Posted by: Karen | March 22, 2009

Staying Put

A month ago, I arranged to meet my mom in Red Deer (halfway between her home and mine) yesterday (Saturday) to hand over Little Runner for spring break. A death in my step-family stirred up the plans with folks converging on her house from Vancouver and Yellowknife, and I had Saturday night plans, so I said I’d just drive all the way up (3.5 hours one way) and back today (Sunday) instead.

Not happening.

My car is now under 3 inches of sticky wet spring snow and the roads are too. If you’re looking at this Sunday morning, check out the links for Calgary region and further north. All those red lines don’t look good. Neither do the photos from the overpass cameras. The webcams in town are not encouraging either.

Here’s a screen shot of one of the links above, in case you’re not reading this post this morning:

See those little red lines? Not good.

See those little red lines? Not good.

I’ve got snow tires, but still would rather not test them out on that stuff today.  Technology is so cool! Unfortunately it can’t make storms go away when we want them to 😦

I’ll get as far as the library (I’ve got books due) and to the store for some milk. Then I think I’ll cook up a beef stew and knit.


  1. Karen,

    We decided to stay put as well and not drive to the mountains for some skiing 😦

  2. You could hardly stand upright here this morning either. There is always another day.


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