Posted by: Karen | March 21, 2009


Do you hear that sound? You think it is just the wind, and you desperately hope it is, because this is the season when we delude ourselves with the thought that that warm weather is imminent and that the wind will bring it. No, that is not just the wind you hear. It is also the sound of a million Calgarians whining that spring is just not evident enough yet. I’m one of them.

Despite my initial excitement when Dawn gave me dibs on her bib to the upcoming, exclusive Police Half race, I am still struggling with my spring running motivation. Since the last XC race (see previous post) I’ve run some, but the effort has been half-hearted at best.

Tuesday March 10 I ran one last time inside the O. Oval with the 10k group. I completed a 3 x 1 mile workout at a pace slightly faster than my warm-up.

Thursday March 12 I  hauled myself out for a half-hour trail run over the hills in the doggy parks.  I stopped to pick up milk on the way home and still made it back before sunset.

Last weekend I got too caught up puttering around the house and never actually made it out running on the Saturday. I told myself I’d get in a run on Sunday afternoon, but after volunteering at the St. Patrick’s Day race Sunday morning and then doing a major grocery stock-up, I succumbed to fatigue instead.

I enjoyed volunteering at the St. Pat’s race. I got to help set up the clock stand and observe the magic of our finish line guru, Jim, as he directed Barry and I through the finish line set up. Theoretically I was to mark the start line with pylons, too, but misunderstood where they were to go.  No matter, the race started in the right place anyway, eventually. I would have helped out with course marshaling or more finish line stuff, but somehow missed the split second when they handed out assignments. I shouldn’t have drunk so much coffee that morning, I guess. I did get to cheer in some friends and one of my bosses, and I drank Steamwhistle beer from a green bottle, so that was cool.

Back to my half-hearted running litany: Tuesday March 17 I ate my green broccoli, donned my green running shirt, and jogged with Little Runner up to the soccer fields on a plateau above my crescent. She got as far as the frozen-over playground and stayed there while I ran laps around the flat fields. The elevation was flat. The terrain was not. There was mud, soft thick 3 inch deep grass, ice, slush and crusty snow. It was like a trail run without hills. I managed barely half an hour of that before LR and I jogged home together again.

I didn’t run with the 10k group, as now they’ve moved their start times to 6:30, which makes it really difficult for me to show up on time, due to work and family routines.  Change must happen slowly when depending on the support of others. I hope to work back to 6:30 starts later in the season.

We did the same thing on Thursday, only one lap shorter, for a 20 minute jog. As much as I tell myself I like running over sketchy, slippery terrain, as much as I tell myself I enjoy the challenge of conquering Canadian weather and whatever it brings, as much as I try to savour the beauty of snow and melt and ice and frost, I have to admit I’m really tired of it. This is not good, because consistently friendly warm weather is still a couple of months away.

Do I really want to run the Police Half next month? Maybe I should tell Dawn to give the bib to someone else.

Did you really read through all that rambling and whining? Wow. Your endurance is impressive.

I’m going out to run now, for far longer than half an hour. I don’t think I’ll outrun the wind, but maybe I can outrun my whine.



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