Posted by: Karen | February 25, 2009

I Stand Corrected

On Running Indoors

Apparently, even though my Olympic Oval running pass expires this weekend, we still get to run inside for two more weeks. Then, starting on March 20th, the CRR 10k group will start training outside again.

It’s Dawn’s Fault

Also, I had previously thought I wouldn’t be running the Police Half this April, as I hadn’t actually registered before it sold out, and I’ve been a lazy bum in avoiding long runs this winter.

My ineligibility to race now also seems to be a false assumption, as today Dawn offered me her spot and I didn’t turn it down.

I tried, kinda.

I was quite sure that if I did the math, that I wouldn’t have time to work up enough healthy distance in the ~8 weeks between now and then. I like to use a 10% per week increase in run time and/or mileage as a guideline when building up distance runs. Funny, it turns out that if I apply this rate of increase to my current weekly (cough) “long run” over the next 8 weeks, it adds up perfectly to a decent half marathon range.

Huh. I should stop doing math.

So now I’m writing run distance goals on my calendar for the next two months. I’ll write in some hill repeats, too.

You Know What This Means

This means that Dawn has to take over my cheering activities for the Police Half. I relinquished this post I’m so fond of to Dawn on the condition that she blows a kiss to the Mayor for me. I wonder if she’ll accept a bulk order of sidewalk chalk in payment for the race bib.



  1. Hey! I’m doing the Police Half too! Maybe we’ll see each other there! I have seen the mayor out practicing and he’s looking speedy! Dawn will have to be quick with her kiss when he runs by!


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