Posted by: Karen | February 25, 2009

Don’t Try This At Home, Folks

Yesterday at the end of the work day, my place of employment generously tacked on a fun activity, wherein an expert was brought in to educate us on the topic of heavy and light wines. There was cheese too. Good stuff.

After carefully swirling and slurping a flight of six lovely fermentations, I headed out straight from there to join the Roadrunners 10k group for our track workout. Yeah, no further nutrition included, unless you mention a couple of chocolate bonbons and a handful of mixed nuts.

The track assignment was 4 x 1000m again, just like we’d done a couple weeks ago. This time my times were 5:50 (ouch), 5:44, and 5:33. I was glad I was able to pick it up as the workout wore on, but stopped at 3 x 1000. No sense getting dehydrated.

I got home and heated up something frozen for a 9:30 pm dinner. As fun as it was tasting the wines, I don’t recommend heading straight into a track workout immediately afterwards. Ugh.



  1. Now when I read the title of the post and the beginning (wine tasting), I surely thought there was going to be some puking involved. Good to know you shouldn’t mix wine and running, lol.


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