Posted by: Karen | February 21, 2009

AFK Weekend

The second week in February the only running I did was at the Oval on Tuesday night. We ran 4 x 1000m and I ran hard enough to feel it later in the week. I have no good excuses for not running more than that, except that I spent Thursday shopping and packing up to spend the weekend at a cabin in the foothills.

Last weekend I was AFK – Away From the computer Keyboard from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. The kids had some extra time off school, so Hubby and I took it off with them.

We took Little Runner out to a relative’s cabin and subjected her to jigsaw puzzles, Monopoly, cheese fondue and a hike around the fishing pond. There was a dvd player and t.v., so we rented Madagascar 2 and she enjoyed watching that several times. Previous to our trip I’d discovered that a nearby town hosts a public swimming pool, so we got in a nice long swim, too.

On the Sunday, Hubby returned to kidnap Serious Boy (formerly known as Soccer, or Band Boy) and we subjected him to Monopoly as well… but it totally backfired. He enjoyed himself thoroughly as he cleaned us all out. We roasted a few marshmallows in the fireplace, too.

I also got in a 35 minute jog around the cabin and a fair bit of knitting. I ended up ripping out the knitting, as the size I’d chosen for that hat was too big for that yarn.

This Tuesday I showed up for my second last track workout of the winter and ran 5 x 800m. I started out a little fast in the first one (4:22!), but in the next two repeats only gained a second and two seconds respectively. The wheels fell off in the 4th repeat (4:39), with 20 seconds gained, but I pulled the last (5th) together again with a 4:32.

Thursday instead of running I caught up on Survivor Brazil on-line and then settled onto the couch for episode 2.

Today I made up for Thursday’s laziness with my fastest ever Weaselhead XC race. More on that tomrrow.



  1. Wish I had half your energy! Could you lend me some? I still have a plan. Might even work!!!


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