Posted by: Karen | February 12, 2009

Gunfire, Lights & Siren Run

Just an administrative note, before I get started, to anyone thinking of joining us at the U of C soon: The Olympic Oval running track closes at the end of February, so we’re making the most of our time there this month. After that I guess we’re back to training out on the icy streets and pathways.

Running at the OO is never boring. This week while we ran around the ice, the speed skaters were racing against each other, complete with lane markers, flags and starting pistol. The sound of gunfire can jolt the adrenal system, even if you’re ready for it. There were dirt bike racers practicing their ramp starts in one small section near the spin class, with starting lights. There were also occasional flashing lights and a loud siren whenever the zamboni had to make an appearance to clean up a hockey rink.

This Tuesday between the warm up and cool down we ran 4 x 1000m repeats. I managed to keep my first 3 steadily under 5:50, with only a few seconds of variation. In the last (4th) one I was tired, but halfway through the last lap Liesbeth verbally kicked me in the butt and I picked it up to finish in 5:43.

We cooled down nicely and I made sure I stretched afterwards, but my quads began to ache last night (24 hours later) and reminded me that they were busy recovering. At least my calves seem recovered from Saturday’s race.

I’ve got two visits left on my Oval pass and two Tuesdays left in February. I’m looking forward to what time I have left inside on the grey rubber track.

Editorial Note 22FEB09: I just found this post in my drafts folder and backdate-published it to the 12th. So if you wonder why you missed it, that’s why.



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