Posted by: Karen | February 8, 2009

In Other News

Thursday I didn’t get out for a run, even though I dressed for one right after work. The evening got away on me and all too soon it was too late to run outside. It wasn’t too late to get on the bike, however, so I rode the bike in the basement for half an hour, and then worked on the magenta mitts.

I finished knitting the second magenta mitten this morning. Little Runner is excited to wear them!

This morning (Sunday) I worked out some stiffness from yesterday’s trail race by doing some laps in the pool. It was family swim time, so Little Runner came with me and we played the Leopard Seal game in between my laps.

I wasn’t particularly focused on accomplishing a set swim workout. I just went back and forth for a while doing breast stroke and occasional front crawl around the other families in the main pool. It was kind of fun, and it made me look up every now and then to make sure I wasn’t running into anyone.

My muscles were much happier with me the rest of the day.

This afternoon I drove south to the ceramic store where we’ve been painting mugs for the XC Grand Prix awards. We’re having a little fun with this year’s theme of “back to your roots/routes”.



  1. I love that your Little Runner does so much with you.


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