Posted by: Karen | January 28, 2009

Pulling Each Other Along

Somehow it’s always a little bit easier to keep going when I have others  keeping on going right beside me.  The principle works well at work, home, and on the running track.

When I’ve got co-workers who set the bar high work hard to keep it there, I strive for it, too. When my family members pitch in to keep things going smoothly, I’m more inclined to pitch in, too.

Last night I came home to dinner almost ready to eat. I was able to change into my running gear, have a nice light meal with my loved ones, and keep on going to the track.

At the Olympic Oval, I chatted with Jason and Megan during our 4-lap warm-up. The evening’s assignment was a 6-lap (2700m) time test and then 3 x 400m repeats. Meaghan ran with me for 5 laps of the time test and then realized she had more left in her and pulled ahead. I let her pull me on a little faster, but couldn’t keep up. Liesbeth was right behind us – nice to see her coming back from last summer’s injury.

The 400m repeats were fun to breeze through after the longer test at the beginning. I just about kept up with Meaghan for the first and third ones. Liesbeth beat me solidly in the second one.

It wasn’t all about competition, but it was easier to push a little harder with my friends pushing their limits, too. We all felt pretty good after finishing our cool-downs.



  1. Yeah, people can do amazing things when they know they have the love and support of others. I’m sure if I had to do the workout that you guys did together, I would not have been able to complete it (well). And thumbs up on the picture of Mater!

  2. It’s always easier to get out of bed when you meeting up with someone..I’ve found

    -mater (like ta mahter..without the ta)


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