Posted by: Karen | January 23, 2009

New Commuting Hat

I’ve been wanting to knit myself a nice hat to wear with my purple winter dress coat to work.

My buddy Dianne gave me some Masala yarn, a bumpy, fuzzy mohair blend of purpley stuff that was a royal pain to knit. It split and when my mind had wandered or I had put the work down, it was almost impossible to see where I had perled and where I had knitted, which is important if you’re trying to carry on a pattern.

Purple Hat in Progress

Purple Hat in Progress

I worked the hat in a waffle stitch. The great thing about the fuzziness of the yarn was that if I did make a perl/knit mistake, no one can actually see it.

It’s a bit big, but it looks neat, and it doesn’t mess up my hair – a bonus in wearing it to work.

Purple Hat on Me

Ready to Go

I might have to knit (or learn to crochet)  a cute little flower to sew on it.



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