Posted by: Karen | January 11, 2009

A Fun Winter Race in New Mitts

We were laughing too hard to race!

We were laughing too hard to race!

Photo by Kathy Taerum of the Calgary Roadrunners

The snow was so deep during Dawn’s Nose Creek race that I lost my balance and fell off the path. It was a soft landing and I laughed so hard it was difficult to extract myself from the drift and resume the race.

For the first time in several years of running this event, I opted to run the 4k instead of the 8k distance. The terrain was challenging enough for one loop, thanks. I just didn’t muster the discipline to make myself run it twice this time.

Check out more photos of the race, including another one of Carla and I, taken just before I fell over.

For the knitting record, I knitted the hat and mitts over Christmas. The hat pattern was designed by a knitting runner. My mom helped me knit the mitts with a pattern she had handy (pardon the pun, ha!).

I’m still picking out burrs from the mitts. I grabbed at some of the prairie vegetation in a couple of points, to help me up one very steep hill. There oughta be a way to use that natural velcro for good.



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