Posted by: Karen | December 18, 2008

I HAVE run recently…

… I just haven’t blogged it yet. Granted, I’m barely getting in two runs a week. I’m kind of in a rest cycle. That, and when it’s cold out it’s really hard to put down the knitting and put on the running gear. Not that I’m accomplishing a lot in the knitting department yet, but I’m learning.

Earlier in the month I enjoyed a nice birthday run with Sarah, Jason and Carla.

A couple of weeks ago I ran 4 sets of stairs indoors at the Olympic Oval – and then 2 days later my legs reminded me why I should always begin stair-running season with a maximum of 3 sets. <creak>

Last week I ran for an hour on shifty mashed-potato snow-covered sidewalks on our 10k group’s Christmas Light run. We retired to a pub for pizza and a happy round of visiting afterwards.

Last weekend it got much colder, and we’ve been in the deep freeze ever since. I ran the Silver Springs XC in gorgeous, snow-covered Bowmont Park, photos here. No race report yet – I’ll get to that later.


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