Posted by: Karen | November 7, 2008

Fluffy White Rain

Tuesday night I stayed late at work for a seminar, then took the train straight to the University from there to meet up with the 10k group. I had packed enough gear to run either inside or outside, as the weather forecasters promised wintery precipitation. When the group showed up (wow, I was there first, for once) most of them chose to run outside – the didn’t want to miss running in the first real snowfall of the season.

I locked up my work stuff in the free lockers downstairs at the Olympic Oval and trotted out with the group. Most of the group did 700m repeats back and forth in the park east of the Children’s Hospital. Meaghan and I ran the same route back and forth without much concern for time or VO2 Max.

The route we ran was a paved pathway through a nice little park. There is a slight elevation change throughout, but it’s not really a hill. The path goes past a pond that will be perfect for skating later this winter. We got to cross a little wooden bridge that had become quite slippery under the fresh snow, but that just made the repeats more interesting.

The trees were covered in sticky white stuff, which highlighted their beauty in the light reflected from street lamps. My glasses got all wet and I began to see rainbows around the lights. Ah, nothing like a psychedelic evening run!

By the time we came back inside I was soaking wet, and melting snow dripped steadily off the brim of my running cap as I headed back downstairs to retrieve my stuff.



  1. So that’s it? You’ve got winter now?? Blah. I guess it was bound to arrive eh. I do love running in the snow and am halfway excited about it. Nothing on this coast yet.

  2. Good for you. Our snow was like powder and was gone the next day. XOX

  3. Sometimes its like a work out just reading your blog…do you think it counts?


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