Posted by: Karen | November 6, 2008

Knitwit Runner Unravels

I shouldn’t have postponed my run to so late in the day on Saturday, but finally got myself out the door with the promise that I’d accomplish a few other things along the way. I ran along my bus route to the train station to see how long it might take me if I ever decide to run home from there instead of wait for a bus. That took me 23 minutes (net downhill).

Then I carried on past the station to a mini-mall which contained a multitude of distractions:

  • An exclusive bookstore – I kept going past it
  • Bernard Callebaut chocolates – I hesitated a little but kept going
  • A coffee shop
  • A convenience store
  • A knitting store. Oh no. I needed double pointed needles and yarn. I had to stop my watch. Couldn’t decide on which colours, which thicknesses, oh dear. I eventually bought some stuff and told myself I was “Christmas Shopping”.

Then I carried on past the

  • German bakery – keeeep going
  • Dance clothes store (that was easy)
  • Tattoo parlour

…to Speed Theory, the triathlon store. Since I’d already spent way too much at the knitting store I wasn’t tempted to buy anything, but introduced myself and asked about spin classes, prescription swim goggles, etc.

That’s when Hubby called my cell and reminded me that we had tickets to a football game at 3, and we needed to leave soon, and where was I? I had him pick me up at the bakery. When he got there I was munching on a pretzel.

It was a great football game – close, high scoring, and we won. Go Stamps! We sat way up at the top of the stadium, so I wasn’t so concerned about cutting my run short.

I managed a much more productive (and far less expensive) 45 minute run the next day, on dirt TRAILS, with no debit card handy and no stores along the route. It was a gorgeous weekend to get out there. I savoured the experience, as soon the paths will be icy and due to the winter darkness I won’t be able to visit them as often as in the warmer months.



  1. Ha! That’s funny. I would have stopped at the coffee shop and the bakery, then in for some chocolates followed by a tattoo – well, maybe not the tattoo.

  2. With all those great stores to have to run by, I am not so sure I would have got as many mnutes of running in as you did! Good for you and your willpower!

  3. I’m only laughing a little…:wink:


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