Posted by: Karen | October 28, 2008

Confederation Park 3 x 4k Relay

I teamed up with Derek and blog buddy Sarah to race the 3 x 4k at Confed this Sunday. Little Runner and her friend came along to sop up the race vibes, but they weren’t up for racing.

We were kind of disorganized relaxed about registration had a hard time coming up with a team name. At the last minute I found a latin translator on-line and decided to register us as “Quondam notus ut Penguin” (formerly known as Penguin). Some Roadrunners I know keep telling me I have to give up the Penguin branding since I seem (to them) to be running faster. I keep telling them Penguin is a state of mind, not a pace, but whatever…

Derek finished in under 18 minutes I think. I cheered on Derek as he crossed the creek near the finish.

I tell you, the hills get smaller every year. I don’t think I went any faster than I usually do, but it felt like I did. I’ve got something under 23 minutes on my watch, but the official time might be higher as I missed Sarah coming in and she had to kick my butt out on the course.  I don’t know how I missed her finish. I was right there near the clock, cheering people in. She must have snuck in when I was watching Carla take off after Karin’s finish. I saw Dawn‘s pink in the distance coming from the creek, and then suddenly Sarah came at me from the finish chute and shocked me out of my shoes.  

There was a sharp cold breeze, which had us hopping around trying to stay warm at the start. I had planned to take off my warm hoodie when I could see Sarah coming to the clock, but missed her approach and had to quickly strip and run. My mitts stuck in the hoodie sleeves so I left them behind and then it took a good 15 minutes of hard running for my hands to warm up. I think the adrenaline from the surprise and the cold really helped my race.

Usually the first time we cross the creek I teeter on rocks and stay dry. This year my rocks weren’t there and I got my feet wet at both crossings. I did a great flying leap past a tentative racer into the second crossing, but she still passed me before the finish.

Dawn snagged a few photos of me running and eating out in the sunshine. Here are the results and more photos.


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