Posted by: Karen | October 22, 2008

Indoors Already

Since it’s getting dark early in the evenings, our 10k group has moved our meeting place up to the University where we can meet indoors and even run inside if we choose. Last night we had a guest speaker come for a chat before the run, so we stayed inside.

The speaker, a physiotherapist, gave lengthy presentation designed to help us prevent or deal with knee pain in general. I learned a new stretch to hate – it must be good for me.

There wasn’t much time left for a workout, but we sandwiched a quick speed ladder between an abbreviated warm up and cool down:
200m – forgot to set my watch
400m – 1:47 (whoa nellie!)
600m – 3:02 (decent)
800m – 4:27 (about right for me)
400m – 1:57 (still good)
200m – 50:99 (wheee!)
A strange thing happened during the faster, first 200m sprint – I ran smoothly. My legs pumped like well-oiled pistons but my torso stayed steady – hardly any up/down bouncing at all. Cool. I spent the rest of the workout trying to repeat it.

Meaghan, a high school soccer player, ran with me because she could, and she forgot her watch. She talked, I didn’t. I couldn’t outrun her, but it was fun trying.



  1. “a new stretch to hate – it must be good for me”

    haha…truer words were never spoken! remember how you felt on that 200! it’s great to have a point of reference for what is “right”. i’m sure if you focus on it, you’ll find that same groove again. and again. and again.

  2. Sounds like you’re getting the hang of the 200 sprints. Yes, it’s all in the leg and arm action. Good for you!


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