Posted by: Karen | September 29, 2008

Recovery Running

Saturday morning I met up with with Ontarian import Leaha for a recovery run. We ran together last winter/spring at some of the Tech Shop Half M training runs, but this summer trained mostly on our own. This would be her first run since finishing the Muskoka 70.3 two weeks ago.

I think she called me up because she knew I could do a distance run with her and would be gentle. We also have a lot in common so our chatting distracts each other from fatigue. I got to hear all the gory details of her Muskoka experience; the lake roll, the hilly bike and run courses, how cold it was, her first rainy ride, and how she made it through to the end.

I took her on part of my favourite local training route and across Nose Hill Park and back, about 14-15k total with a few steep hills, mostly on hard packed dirt. We were out there for about 2.5 hours. No hurry, just enjoyed the view. No crazy runs down hills or busting our butts up (this time).

She aimed to keep her heart rate below 145 and just called a walk whenever we needed it. It was just what I needed, too. It was a good excuse to get out there for a couple of hours of merrily traipsing about with no heavy expectations.

I’d love to do it again in a few weeks (October 18 or 19). We might go a little faster and a little further by then. If you’d like to join us drop me a note.

Next weekend is the River Park Classic trail race – the first in the 10 race winter Grand Prix series. I am very excited about that. I will be bringing a split pea soup to share, and maybe something chocolate for the dessert table. If you’d like to come but aren’t sure about running trails, come out anyway. We can always use another course marshal or two.


  1. Sounds like an ideal recovery run, especially hearing about miserable conditions that leave you grateful for what’s before you.

  2. I see I am not the only one who has not written her race report for Saturday…lol. *hugs*

  3. We ran sub-9:00 on the first and last 2-minuters AND the 8-minuter (8:57).

    woo hoo~


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