Posted by: Karen | September 26, 2008

Rain and a Breeze

Last night I ran a nice, big hill in a loop with the 10k Roadrunners.  There were only six of us, as it started to rain shortly before we met up. We waited a bit to see if it would blow over, but it didn’t really matter. We were out there to run no matter what the weather, so we ran in the rain.

On the big incline of the pathway that leads up east of the Children’s Hospital we got quite wet and cold. The wind blew the rain into us as we were exposed to it on the bare hill. Once we got up by the University, however, we turned our backs to the wind, ducked in through the residential neighbourhood, and the rain stopped.

After that it was pretty much all downhill from there – my favourite kind of run 🙂

The group waited for me a couple of times at the beginning of the run when we were climbing, and Davey stayed back with me to chat and keep me company while we climbed. On the way down I worked hard not to hold the group back, and I think they enjoyed going a little easier than they sometimes do. Whatever, we had a good one together and I’m looking forward to coming out again next Thursday.



  1. Good for you girl!


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