Posted by: Karen | September 24, 2008

Back Out There

I ran for the first time since Moose on Monday night. 35 minutes on neighbourhood trails in the fading daylight, right after a suppertime downpour. The air was FRESH and it felt darned amazing just to be out there breathing deeply.

I’m hoping to be out with the 10k group again this Thursday to run hills.

To say I’m looking forward to the Roadrunners Grand Prix Series would be an enormous understatement.



  1. I like taking a long break once in awhile from running because the first run after the long break feels so good and it reminds me how much I love running! Glad you are back out there! Happy running!

  2. Yaay for getting out running! Yesterday we did 2 x 2 miles. I just about hurled. It was most excellent.

    Maybe see you next Tuesday?

  3. hey,

    I was just looking through some blogs and came to yours, I just wanted to say good job on running that moose run, that must have been hard, I’ve never ran that kind of distance before lol.

    good luck,



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