Posted by: Karen | September 17, 2008


Just a note to let you all know I’m still here; just not running much. After the Moose I took it easy and settled down to catch up on a little homemaking. Summer was quite the whirlwind of training, and I’d promised myself and my family that I cut back on that a tad this fall.

Apparently I took it too easy, as a flu took hold and knocked me flat.

I knew in the weeks leading up to the Moose that my immune system would be challenged by the stress of a few other things in addition to training, so I tried to stay as healthy as I could. Then last Friday afternoon I started feeling woozy. After work I cooked up a big pot of garlicky chicken soup, with homemade stock I’d frozen only two weeks before. I stuck around home on Saturday, thinking about getting out for a jog, but never actually made it out.

Sunday morning Little Runner and I were up at dawn so we could go orienteering at the ZOO! We had some fun adventures there, and it was a blast orienteering the zoo grounds, but I lost her four flipping times before brunch. I was nearly insane by the fourth time I found her, and it bothered me that it was getting so hard to keep my temper.

Brunch with the Orienteers at the zoo was amazing. Fantastic food and great company. I didn’t go overboard on the buffet – didn’t even finish my chocolate mousse dessert. Oh, and since three of our Orienteers (including me) had given up one of the last O-competition meets to run the Moose, we were honoured with awards at the brunch! I came in last and still got mentioned. Cool.

I napped Sunday after all that excitement – still not feeling right. Felt terrible when I awoke. Huh. Must have napped too long or something. Went grocery shopping. Made a healthy, healthy dinner. Turned in early.

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. Monday with a 102*F fever! Ugh. No stomach issues, no head cold or cough, just fever, awful aches and that icky crawly skin feeling for a couple days. I would have blogged it while I was home, but my home computer and my blog host don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye at the moment. You really don’t want all the details of my flu anyway, eh? Maybe it’s not a flu – maybe I’m just in running withdrawal. Hmm.

I’m back at work today. I’m not 100% yet, but it feels better to be up and getting some work done than lounging in bad-daytime-tv-land. I’m thinking that kicking this flu to the curb ought to set my antibody levels way up there just in time for flu season. The timing could have been way worse. I can deal with this.



  1. Aw. Get well soon!

  2. Hope you’re feeling like yourself again soon.

  3. Is that flu gone yet?

  4. the flu always gets me when I’m taking a break. Dang it.


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