Posted by: Karen | August 25, 2008

I Need a Vacation

To say last week was hectic would be the understatement of the summer. I did not sleep much or eat well. I wrapped things up at work from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday I stepped off my crazy merry-go-round to spend the day with family as we said our final goodbyes to Grandma in the pouring rain.

Other than that, I spent nearly every waking hour (more of those than usual) in preparation for the Robert Hamilton Memorial Race. I did not do any trail runs. I did walk 5 miles at a time, while measuring the course with a little wheel thingy. By yesterday afternoon I was a shell-shocked zombie, having chewed way more than I thought I’d bitten off. I don’t know if I’ll ever direct a race again, but I sure learned a lot.

Now? I’m going on a little vacation. My family and I are going to drive somewhere nice, set up the tent, and relax together. I will bring my running shoes, my swim suit, and maybe my bike, but mostly I look forward to floating down the river and going on little hikes with the hubby and kids. I hope I see deer and bunny rabbits. I hope I don’t see any rattle snakes.

No email. No excel spreadsheets. No computer! Not much cell phone reception. Nothing that resembles The Amazing Race of my life in any way. Of course, that means no blogging this week. I’ll share with you an essay I wrote for the Roadrunners newsletter earlier this year to keep you entertained while I’m gone. See you in September.



  1. I guess that was you I saw Saturday morning walking off the distance for the race. I was the one that asked you if you were measuring a distance. Although, others may have asked also. I hope you enjoy your well deserved vacation!

  2. Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday! Hope is was just as special as you are!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. Enjoy the time with the family. You deserve it!


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