Posted by: Karen | August 17, 2008

Lake Tippy-Canoe

This weekend was the 3rd annual gathering of Hubby’s wine-making guild out at the winemaker- stores’- owner’s cabin in a wilderness-type area called Waiporous (pronounced Wypress). At one point on Saturday afternoon our host mentioned a quiet private lake to which he had access, and would anyone like to go out for a canoe ride?

Hubby and I said sure. So did Ben (not his real name). Ben is a good cook and a generously-sized guy who hangs out with the Running Room and just bought a bike to get in some commuting exercise. He’s up for adventure, but has never canoed much. Our gracious host set us up in an old aluminum canoe with Ben sitting on the bottom in the middle, me at the bow and Hubby (an experienced canoeist) at the stern. We put on lifejackets, even though we probably wouldn’t need them.

The lake was clear. We could see some weeds, but it was gorgeous and the air was still. We trailed our hands in the water – not too cold. I’d have to see if I could come back with my suit and swim, maybe? We paddled around for awhile, didn’t see the monster killer beaver that the host had mentioned, and eventually headed back in.

When we were about 50 yards off shore we started to paddle a little harder to build up beaching speed, and surprise, we tipped the canoe!

One minute we were paddling, and the next we’re over. What a riot! I tell ya, the shocked look on Ben and Hubby’s faces as they bobbed quietly (in their half-done up lifejackets) were priceless.

The water was quite nice, actually. It was the same hot day I’d bonked on my long run. We could have bailed the water out and tried to get back in, but we were so close – we just swam and pulled the dang thing to shore.

Our host came out in the paddle boat in case anyone needed rescue, and warned us about the submerged barbed wire fence near shore (good move). Good thing we’d planned to spend the night and had brought along extra clothes. Also a good thing we’d left our wallets and phones in the car.



  1. I don’t know. I would suspect hubby tipped that thing while the rest of you were preoccupied. At least you had dry clothes. 🙂

  2. I guess you could always store those items in high quality Ziploc bags if you had to take them with you. Maybe that monster killer beaver tipped your canoe? A couple of times we have canoed down the North Saskatchewan river and that’s a lot of relaxing fun because we get dropped off with our canoe 30 km or so upstream and just drift down for 6 or 8 hours to the Devon bridge. We see a lot of wildlife including moose, deer, and osprey. My wife is into making wine too and I’m into drinking it.

    By the way, I really wanted to do the moose run thing this fall but I probably can’t because we are going to San Diego and area for 2.5 weeks starting mid-September. When is that race?

    Glad you had fun.

  3. I would love to have seen that one!


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