Posted by: Karen | August 9, 2008

What was I thinking?

Do you ever have those moments, where you realize you’ve bitten off way more than you should be chewing? That’s what this week felt like for me. It occurred to me that perhaps committing to so many new activities in one year wasn’t the best way to go.

In the last year I have taken on:

  • The Calgary Roadrunners Board – you’d think once-a-month meetings wouldn’t be so hard to manage, but it chips away at the available time for other things, like…
  • Race Directing – The Robert Hamilton Memorial 5 & 10 miler is August 24, if you’re interested in racing, volunteering, sponsoring or all three)
  • Encouraging new runners in new ways to me – I led a Learn to Run group from the Tech Shop this winter/spring, and started a Learn to Run blog with the Roadrunners.
  • Two new jobs – Last summer I wrapped my brain around a new job, then this spring I changed jobs again. More hours, stimulating work! and challenging in this world of only 24 hour days.
  • Triathlon – I’ve always wanted to do one. Not sure why, but I have so many friends that are into it, (Nancy T, Linae, Shawn, Ellie, Dianne, Richelle, Leana, Nancy C and more) it must be fun! Fitting in swims and bike rides has been a nice change from the running, but oi, the tri-lifestyle can get expensive in time and money! I race my first ever triathlon tomorrow. Ack. Even Sarah says she’s coming to cheer.
  • Orienteering on Wednesdays – Another extension of my running associations – plus it’s way more fun to do with Little Runner than soccer. That wraps up in mid-September.
  • Oh yeah, and in the background of my runs I still hear deep bass bellowing of the Moose (Sept 6) calling to me through it all.

The Moose called me out the door last Saturday for ~21 km of hilly trails. It took me over three hours. I ran and hiked from my Ranchlands home to Nose Hill Park, all the way over it and to Berkley Gate in Beddington on the other side. Very cool! Actually it was very hot. Whatever.

Since then I’ve only exercised twice and very gently; a 30 minute bike ride on Sunday and a 40 minute orienteering (flat) course with LR on Wednesday. I haven’t been sick, just spending a little time at home with the family (who are amazingly still there). I’ve been trying to catch up on my rest and race directing, to be ready for the the commitments I’ve made to come to fruition in the month to come. I do this once in a while – just take off a week of exercise – then I just carry on.

I’m kind of feeling like I’m in the last third of a race – you racers will totally get that. I know I’ll get to the finish lines – it’s just taking a little more effort to keep up the pace.


  1. Good luck tomorrow!


    we want to hear all about your first tri!

  3. i snuck a peek. NICE finish.


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