Posted by: Karen | August 1, 2008

Watermelon Run

Last night a meeting kept me late at work, but somehow I got home in time to change, grab a granola bar and some water, and zip down to Edworthy for hills night. It was supposed to be “Yen’s Loop Around the World”, but she was likely off doing something important, like planning her wedding or something. Danny suggested a route we’d never tried before, so after the usual one mile warm-up, etc., we followed him along the south side of the river out west of the park.

I would never have tried that route on my own, but it was cool to be out there with buddies. The faster ones waited for Carla and I at regular intervals, to make sure no one would get lost, or left behind if they fell. There are so many desolate places in our parks – I had no idea this path existed! The single dirt track got very narrow and steep in some places, but the trail pulled me along and my inner goat came back about 20 minutes into it. There weren’t a ton of hills, but we had to pick up our feet or risk tripping on unseen rocks when the long grass drifted across our path.

Eventually we came out of the wilderness near the Bowness-Shouldice bridges and took a couple of miles of pavement back to the parking lot. Funny, on dirt trails I feel lithe and fast, but on pavement it’s like I gain 50 pounds. A wave of fatigue returned and I fought it.

Carla was a great support and hung in there with me that last paved couple of miles – I think she likes the pavement better than the dirt. I was tired and told her I’d take a walk break once I got to the ball diamond, or the soccer bleachers, and she could keep going. Then the fast group started looping back for us. COOL! They looped back for us twice and it cheered me up immensely. I was tired, but I didn’t hurt anywhere, so I ran all the way back, and was glad I did.

While we were stretching, Danny surprised us even further with a big watermelon to share amongst us. It was delicious. We re-named the run “Danny’s Delight”.



  1. How nice to discover a new trail in the comfort of running friends. Man, I could use a juicy slice of watermelon right now.

  2. Hill running on trails, eh? Apparently, I could use some of that…

    I probably need to have my butt kicked again soon… I don’t think I have anything scheduled for next Tuesday.


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