Posted by: Karen | August 1, 2008

The Goat, the Moose and the Snake, Oh My

I set my inner goat free on the Douglas Fir Trail last week…

… and then suddenly it was weekend long run time and the dang goat had wandered off without me.

Saturday morning I got up early, but had a hard time making it out the door for my long run. I was tired. I was disorganized. It was hot out there already. I couldn’t find my Bodyglide. I procrastinated. Procrastinating was so tiring that I went back to bed for a nap.

By Sunday morning I gave up on trying to feel like running and just went out anyway. The Moose didn’t care if my inner goat came along or not; just get out there, eh? I took the same route as last weekend, but spent more time in Nose Hill Park before heading back.

I was surprised by a huge black snake up on the Edgemont ridge. It had probably been sunning itself on the big rocks and I nearly stepped on it as it returned across my path to the deep grasses. I’m not afraid of the snakes around here – they’re mostly harmless, but this one was over an inch thick! It made me jump.

On the east-facing slopes of Edgmont, facing Nose Hill Park, I explored another dirt path and came to a screeching halt amidst a big patch of plump saskatoons. I stopped my watch for a merry snack break before continuing on.

I ran for 2:47 this time, not counting two watch stops for the berries and the bathroom. I took two gels this time, one Powerbar Chocolate (like eating straight fudge, yum) and Clif Shots chocolate (blech), plus two Nuun tablets; one I carried in a baggie and used when I re-filled my water bottle at the bathroom.

The run wasn’t the best, but a sunny, long, tired, hot, achy run on dirt with a berry-break in summer beats a freezing, icy, dark, finger-numbing run in the dark of winter any day. It’ll do.



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