Posted by: Karen | July 25, 2008

Swimming Right Along

Monday night I met Liesbeth at the pool again. As I mentioned previously, Monday was hot, so the pool felt wonderfully refreshing. I didn’t swim the entire hour, as we stopped for a few short chats, but I had lots of energy for swimming.

I worked on a few specific techniques, like rotating my whole body with my hips. Wow. When I work on keeping my head down and turning my belly button to the wall, I don’t have to turn my head to breathe – it just happens. I also worked on trying to keep at least one hand in front at all times – got close to achieving that.

Woohoo, two sports (biking that morning) in one day!



  1. woohoo! it’s great when you make small changes to technique that result in more efficient movement. you’re going to rock strathmore!


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