Posted by: Karen | July 25, 2008

Short Trail Run with Little Bike Buddy

Tuesday night it threatened to rain, but Little Runner and I got out there anyway. There was a cool wind blowing, which felt wonderful as I jogged through our neighbourhood with LR on her bike. This time we didn’t stop for a playground – we kept going into the hilly doggy parks and ran around a few hills on dirt trails.

LR is not a very strong rider yet, so I didn’t take her up and down the bigger hills, but she did well on the bumpy dirt paths. I only had to loop back for her a couple of times, and she had a blast. She didn’t fall until we were out on the sidewalk again. How ironic is that? At least she managed to fall on the grassy boulevard next to the sidewalk. She cried for a minute, but I congratulated her on choosing a soft place to land, and she bravely rode the last mile home.



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