Posted by: Karen | July 25, 2008

Orienteering: Marsh Crossing

Wednesday night we went Orienteering at the south end of 24th Avenue, in Fish Creek Park again. There were tons of mosquitoes in the woods bordering the creek, but I’ve been keeping our bug spray handy in the trunk for such excursions.

Little Runner joined the Super Juniors for a puzzle exercise involving map pieces, and then we headed out on our course-of-the-week. Since we’re feeling a little more confident about our skills now, I requested Level 2 maps and let her take the lead. There were only a couple of tricky controls off the paths – you had to know just where to look to find them. I think our sense of distance in relation to the maps is getting better, because we figured out where to look, ha.

We still don’t know what a lot of the map symbols mean, and some weeks the clues are printed using different legends (colour ones are different than b & w), so it’s a challenge to remember them all. I did remember what the signs were for “in a depression” and “marsh”. We hardly ran at all on this course, which was fine with me. It was a beautiful 40 minute hike, and not very hilly.

At one point the path and the map took us across a marshy area on a fallen log. Little runner lost her balance and fell kerplunk into the water, map and all. Very funny! When I helped her up we traded her my dry map for her dripping one. We should have put them in sheet protectors.

By the time we returned it was beginning to rain, but the downpour mostly held off until we were in the car, thank goodness.


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