Posted by: Karen | July 25, 2008

My Inner Goat

I need lots and lots of hills over the next month if I’m going to answer the Moose’s call to the mountain in September. That fact, and Jason’s brilliant idea to name all the group’s Thursday hill workouts after our members got me out with the group last night.

I thought after Tuesday’s gentle half hour run that my legs were well recovered from Saturday’s long one, but they were very heavy for the first part of the workout. For the warm-up we jogged about a mile, did a couple rounds of high steps and butt kicks, plus 10 jumping jacks and crunches for good measure. I thought that would loosen up my heavy legs, and it did take out some of the tightness, but they were still heavy.

The group had decided to run the flat pathway north of the river to Crowchild Trail and then come back west on the hilly Douglas Fir Trail on the south side. I followed the group from a distance, unable to trot merrily along with them. They kindly waited for me at key points, however, and encouraged me whenever I caught up.

The gradual uphills into the park were not well shaded, and they had me puffing and dripping with sweat. Once up top, I breathlessly greeted the waiting group with “Did you hear that call? I could swear it was a Moose…” They smiled and nodded, and we headed off into the shady, treed roller coaster of the north facing slope.

The group waited for me at the tops of steep climbs. On the descents however, I just flowed. My inner goat surfaced and I descended with more confidence, skill and speed each time. The coolness of the shade, the just-right dampness of the dirt and the sheer joy of running in the lush, green summerness of it all buoyed my energies and cranked up my adrenaline levels. By the end of the run I was feeling much better than I had for the first 40 minutes.

Have I ever mentioned that summer is my favourite season? Ahhhh….

After the last high lookout point and short rest, the group let me lead the way down. I laughed and tossed a comment back: “If I fall, don’t run over me!” I was reassured that I’d be far enough ahead that they’d be able to stop. Ha, no pressure. I threw myself down the hill with gleeful abandon – wheeeeeee! There were a couple of little climbs involved, but momentum carried me over with no trouble.

I only stifled my stride once, to carefully stomp in a convenient puddle. Jason, only a step behind me, took the splash and exclaimed with a grin in his voice “You did that on purpose!” Well, yeah.

I gave a big yodel at the end and we cheered in the rest. Then we cooled down with a gentle jog through the picnic areas and over the foot bridge before stretching. What a great run.



  1. haha…your running mates are going to begin to think you’re a bit nuts. “did you hear a moose?”, “i thought i saw a moose!”, “a moose ate my gu!”, “have you seen my moose?”.

  2. Ha. Tonight I was laying on the ground after the warm up of a mile run, 4 drills, 10 pushups and 10 situps. I was tired already, but we had hills to run. Two of the group cajoled me up off the ground with “Ka-a-a-r-e-en, the Moose is calling you…”


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