Posted by: Karen | July 18, 2008

Greece and Brazil

Last night I ran for about 40 minutes with the Roadrunners from Gord’s, as part of their monthly Club Night Social. I went straight from work to arrive early enough to buy a new pair of trail shoes (zoom in to see the cute snowflake, etc. on the lace holders) and a few more gels for long runs.

There was a great turnout for the run and I got to hang out with several members that I don’t see often. Gabino was out with his camera, happy to catch our club out running together when we weren’t all bundled up against winter weather. I tried to keep up with Helen on the run, which was a challenge towards the end. I took a small walk break before running all the way up the Curling Club Hill. Whew, I haven’t done that for a long time.

We headed to Mykonos afterwards  for Greek food. The service was slow and they seemed intimidated by our large group, but the food was good and the waiter was apologetic. They complained that they were very busy, but there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. The slow service gave us plenty of time to visit, however, and I enjoyed listening to Jeff rave about his latest passion, Total Immersion swimming. Apparently I have to try that. We all got to break a plate in the fireplace as we left. Opa! Thanks to Carla for giving me a ride home.

Tonight Hubby and I went out to Bolero’s, a Brazilian style restaurant. Out of the 12? skewers on the menu, we only missed seeing two, and the offerings we tasted were all yummy. The service was fabulous, the meat was delicious, and we liked our location in a booth just off the open kitchen. I liked it that I could control how much meat came across my plate, and that I wasn’t limited to one choice, like in a regular restaurant. Being able to choose my carbs and veggies from the hot and salad bars was a bonus, too. I hate being presented with a big plate of food I’m going to waste. This was way better than a traditional buffet, since just-right slices of the hot meats came to us.

This weekend I’ll be breaking in the new Brooks Trail Adrenalines. I hope they serve me as well as my old Brooks Trail Addictions did.


  1. I’m so sad I missed out on club night! Sounds like a blast. I need to stop by Gord’s to pick up some Hammer Gels. I’m having a tough time finding Espresso ones in town right now. I love Bolero’s as well! We are heading there for dinner tomorrow night. The pineapple on a skewer was one of my favourites!


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