Posted by: Karen | July 16, 2008

Loopy Group

Last night I made it out with the Calgary Roadrunners 10k group on the river pathway near Edworthy Park. Check out the new summer workout schedule – it looks like our Thursday hill workouts have new names. Ha!

After our usual warm up jog, drills, crunches and push-ups, we ran 10 x 60/60s. This is an exercise in which we run hard for 60 seconds at a time, alternating with 60 seconds of gentle jogging at about half that speed, in this case for 20 minutes total.

My legs felt like jello before we even started, but once we got going my body sucked it up and I did okay. The group was very supportive. At the beginning of each hard minute they’d all take off at their speedy paces, but when each slower minute began the faster ones looped back behind the slower ones and we all stayed together. It was hard to run hard, but the momentum of the group kept me going.

Afterwards we did a couple more kilometers to cool down together, and in the first one my legs were tired and cranky. By the time we finished they calmed down. Maybe they just went numb. Whatever, they don’t hurt now.

I was going to go orienteering tonight, but decided to stay home and spend a little time with my neglected hubby. Priorities, eh? Tomorrow I’ll be missing the Douglas Fir run (and I LOVE running the Douglas Fir trail) to go to Club Night from Gord’s Running Store. I’ll have to get some trails in on the weekend instead.



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