Posted by: Karen | July 15, 2008

Swam Again

This Monday night swim habit is very nice.

Last night I swam two laps of breast stroke before tackling ten laps of front crawl. I did all ten laps (500m) without stopping for more than 5 seconds between laps. I’m pretty sure I’ve never swum that far all at once. I realize that 500m is merely a warm-up for most experienced swimmers, but I was still happy with it.

By four laps I was wondering if I could do the 10 all at once. Somewhere in the seventh lap I felt like I could swim forever (I love it when I hit that point in a run!). At 7.5 laps I made a note to thank my mom for the swimming lessons she eked out of her tight budget for me when I was a kid. Thanks Mom!

The ten laps took me 19:28, so I’m hoping that maybe by race day I can make it in under 19 minutes.

After that I did another lap of breast stroke and two more laps of front crawl because I felt like it. Then I sat on the side of the pool and thought about how I might try to swim better. I wondered about bilateral breathing and realized that before I could manage a pattern of breathing on the left and right I’d have to be able to comfortably breathe on the left (my “wrong” side). So I swam a lap of front crawl while breathing on the left. It felt all wrong, like front crawl did a few weeks ago.

Next week I’ll try alternating sides for a bit, and see how it goes. I’d also like to learn how to turn efficiently at the end of the lane – I could save some time there.



  1. Hi Karen,
    Good for you that the swimming went so well! I am sorry I did not show up, on my bike back home yesterday evening I realized I had forgotten to email you that I would bail out. Instead of swimming I did some elaborate grocery shopping. I decided that there had been enough activity in our hiking weekend to skip the swim!
    Maybe see you tonight, cheers, Liesbeth.


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