Posted by: Karen | July 12, 2008

Good Company

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” – Izaak Walton

Last summer I did not do enough long runs to accomplish my goal of running the Moose Mountain 29k. This year I have the same goal, but a different strategy. I am much more likely to get myself out for a long one if I have company, so I’m arranging buddy runs.

Earlier this week I read that Leana was planning a long run in town so I asked if my friend Giovanna and I could tag along. I wanted about 10 miles or 2 hours of running, and they were happy with that. Leana suggested a 10ish mile loop around the Glenmore Reservoir and we happily showed up at 7 a.m. with our water belts and mosquito spray.

Aside from two bathroom breaks, we trotted happily around the res without incident. We stuck to running 10s and 1s most of the time and took a gel half way through. We enjoyed views of the water, sail boats, lovely residences near the hospital, the beauty of the marsh, flowers and lush greenery. The sun shone and the conversation never lagged.

Even when my legs got tired, our momentum kept us moving. It was nice having three of us, as there were times when one could rest and breathe while the other two conversed.

We started from the 37th Street parking lot and ran east first, leaving the big hill out of the Weaselhead for last. We jubilantly conquered hill at the end with high fives and 5 minutes left in the 2 hour window, so opted for a 5 minute cool down jog at the top before packing it in.

A modest celebration brunch then ensued at the Primal Grounds Cafe on 37th Street.



  1. The run on Saturday was terrific! Thanks so much for thinking of us all to get together. I absolutely loved the company, and Primal Grounds was so tasty afterwards.


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