Posted by: Karen | July 9, 2008

Do Si Do and a Flag Hunt

It’s Stampede Week here in Calgary. That means everyone wears country western clothes to the office and there is a festive mood throughout the city. Many companies and communities host big pancake breakfasts and socializing is part of doing business. I work in a small office, so today we all headed out for a Stampede lunch. On the way to the restaurant we stopped by Rope Square, where one of our bunch volunteers with the square dancers. Of course, some of us got roped into a square dance as well. It was fun. I’ve always wanted to do that. Yeeha!

Tonight Little Runner and I traipsed about Votier’s Flats with the Foothills Wanderers. We’re not familiar with this part of Fish Creek Park, and it’s a wilder place than the last 2 parks we’ve explored recently, so we stuck together on her Level 1 course. We each had our own copy of the map, so I hung back, letting her decide where to go. She made great decisions. There were some other kids wandering around with the same map, but she went at her own pace and found most of the flags on her own.

There was only one point when I led the way, when we were being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes at a path junction. Yes, we had insect repellent on. Those skeeters didn’t care! She couldn’t stand still long enough to consult the map, so I pointed up the hill and we hightailed it up to a breezy, bug-free spot near the next control.



  1. i’m totally moving to calgary


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