Posted by: Karen | July 8, 2008

Blinding Progress

Last night I swam for the third Monday night in a row, and I am making progress. It’s still a very short distance compared to anyone who swims regularly, but compared to myself earlier this season, it’s great.

After a lap of relaxed breast stroke, I eased into a slow front crawl, reminding myself to not rush the strokes or the breathing. I found a good rhythm and managed four entire laps in a row that way before Liesbeth showed up, and then kept going. I completed 10 entire laps of front crawl with minimal breaks to adjust my goggles and to exchange a word or two with Liesbeth once in a while.

I didn’t feel exhausted or choke, or like I wanted to revert to breast stroke instead, like I usually do. I focused on exhaling fully, so that inhaling would be a natural action, rather than a gasp. When I was happy with my breathing, I tried to remember things like kicking well, cupping my hands, and keeping the stroke form efficient.

Most of my laps in the 25m pool took between 1:38 – 1:50. Yay, I remembered my watch! The velcro on the strap is getting old and flaps open in the water though, so I left it on the side of the pool and used the lap button from there.

After the 10 laps (11 total)I even did a few more laps of front crawl, mixed up with more breast stroke at the end, just for fun. I kind of like this sport.

I was so tickled pink with my swim that I nearly made it out of the building without my glasses. I have a very strong prescription, so this is hilarious. I was fully dressed down to my shoes and groping about for my brush when I realized the room was still fuzzy. Duh! I’d left my glasses out by the lifeguard’s sink at poolside. I quickly reverted to bare feet and sheepishly popped back to the pool to retrieve them.



  1. Congratulations on your great swim. Too funny about you nearly forgetting your glasses! I’m not sure if you know or not, but registration for the Strathmore Tri is at 80% so far.


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