Posted by: Karen | July 6, 2008

Summer Running

Tuesday night it was hot and humid, and some of us in the 10k group took it easy with a short, social run. One of our students is heading out to Quebec today for the summer, and we dropped by the Lazy Loaf before it closed at 8pm for smoothies and sandwiches to wish her a good summer adventure.

Whee! She runs down the hill.

Wednesday night Little Runner and I went orienteering at Confederation Park, home of the fabulous 3x4k XC Relay. She did her own level 1 course and I did a level 2 course kind of in the same neighbourhood of the park to start. We were able to yell back and forth some of the time, and she only had trouble finding one control. The volunteers watched her from a distance when my course took me through the tunnel. She found all her controls on her own (most were near pathways) and I got to run around finding mine at my own pace. It was still hot and humid, and the mosquitoes were vicious, but we both had a blast. I might try a level 3 course (3 levels total) by the end of the season.

Thursday night I thought I might run again, but it was even hotter out, and I contented myself with packing up to go see the Calgary Stampede Parade the next morning. More on that later.



  1. what a great picture!

    sounds like you’re both becoming quite the orienteers!


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