Posted by: Karen | June 22, 2008

Since Then

Since the BJ Relay I have not accomplished a lot of intense workouts, but I haven’t been a total computer potato either.

On Wednesdays we’ve continued to get lost in one way or another, either on the way to Orienteering, or actually on the course. Two weeks ago we found the park location easily (Nose Hill Park, 14th St side) since I’ve been there before for XC races. We then proceeded to get lost for 40 freakin’ minutes between the 3rd and 4th controls on a course that should have taken us under 40 minutes total. Most of that lost time was due to total pig-headedness on my part. I got a wrong direction stuck in my head, and it nearly took a volunteer with a sledgehammer to set me straight. We found out later that after that debacle the organizers actually sent out scouts to keep an eye on us, to keep us from getting further frustrated. Aw, they do care.

This week, after arriving 10 minutes late due to originally looking for the event in a different part of Fish Creek Park (sigh), I begged the Junior’s organizer to give us the baby-course. Yes, the one they give to kindergarteners. She reluctantly acquiesced, and Little Runner and I savoured the giddy taste of success. No getting lost, and we finished before all the cookies were gone. Hooray!

Last week the runs escaped me, except for Sunday the 15th, when I put in an hour wogging over 10 hills on local dirt trails. I thought about going around some hills, but then reminded myself that the Moose Mountain race does not go around the mountain, it goes over it, and so must I. I did the same route this morning, too.

Tuesday evening the Roadrunners 10k group held a potluck barbeque after the run, so I showed up and ran along with Fiona and also chatted with Dawn, Liesbeth, Leana and several others.

This running thing has to happen more often than twice a week, and for more than an hour at a stretch. Tonight I’m marking up my calendar with the summer’s workout plans (now that I’ve pretty much set the vacation schedule). Plan the work, work the plan.

Cycling & Swimming:
Nonexistent in the last two weeks. I’ve been working up my courage to try a bike ride in to work one day soon. Leana has been quite inspirational and helpful with her recent experience and tips. I need to try it soon!

Swimming ~~~ need to work that in, too. Seven weeks to the Strathmore Sprint Tri. Back to the calendar.

While I’m at it:
Oh, and while I’m wedging everything into my summer, I should mention the Robert Hamilton Memorial 5 & 10 Mile Race I’m directing on Sunday, August 24th (9 weeks to go). We’re still hoping for a few more sponsors, if you or your company is interested in helping us out. If you’re around, I hope you’re planning to race it, or at least drop by to volunteer or cheer. You’ll be glad you did.



  1. Hi Karen,
    Like Leana told us the times of the Northmount pool are very reasonable: until 10 pm weekdays, until 9 pm fridays. And in nice wheather there are Silver springs and Hillhurst outdoor pools avalilable until 8 every evening. What about next monday 8.30-10 pm at Northmount pool?
    See you tuesday?
    PS. My excuse not to go is that I do not want to plan some out of the house every evening, leave some room for spontaneity. But …. I did not spontaneous go out for a some during weekdays the last two months (although I ‘planned’ to do that!!).


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