Posted by: Karen | June 4, 2008

This Workout Brought to you by…

… my thoughtful husband!

Last night I got stuck on the second packed, late train home, which meant also getting stuck on the late bus. I had left a Roadrunners run optional, and the possibility of making it was evaporating. My cell rang when I was almost home, and it was Hubby, saying dinner was ready, and where was I? 

He’d cooked up a steak supper, yum! He had the day off and thought he’d feed me before sending me off to running. I only had 15 minutes once I got home before having to leave again, but he patiently encouraged me to literally eat and run, which I did. Love him to bits.

It had poured earlier in the day and threatened to rain more, so only 5 of us showed up to run. After a warm up and a few drills, we ran 4 x 1 milers – the same as I ran last week.

This week I took off more than a minute total of my overall time from last week. 8:58, 9:11, 9:33 & 9:28, with breaks of around 3 minutes each to catch my breath. Cool! I’d thought I could do better, even with half a steak in my belly.

We ran in very light mist with a gentle breeze. It was perfect for cooling down and it smelled fresh. The mayday and other trees are all blossoming, so we were bombarded with sweet floral scents. The first mile blasted us between some grown geese and six goslings, but the parents didn’t seem to mind.

It dumped rain on the drive home, then drizzled again while I went to the grocery store and the bank. I got home in time to shower before tucking in Little Runner and Hubby (he turned in early) and then settled into a nice quiet evening of not-looking-over-my-teenager’s-shoulder.

Orienteering tonight, close to home. I’ve made sandwiches for supper already, so Little Runner and I should make it in time for a solid session of map-reading.



  1. I’m definitely going to have to join you for speedwork soon! I couldn’t make this Tuesday and likely can’t make next, but the 17th is looking good. I need to pick up my pace. And shake the “Clair Huxtable” label.


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