Posted by: Karen | June 2, 2008

Trail Run & a Bike Ride

The weather this weekend was gorgeous! Still, on Saturday I found myself wandering around in a tired stupor most of the day. Being that dopey was hard work, so I took a nap, too. I did get a little laundry done later.

Sunday I made up for all that rest the previous day. I ran my local Ranchlands/ Hawkwood/ Edgemont dirt trails up and up and down and down for about 95 minutes. I walked a lot of the ups, but didn’t beat myself up about it – I haven’t done hill repeats for a while. I also didn’t worry about pushing the pace because I planned to ride my bike later in the afternoon.

As I was kicking in the last few blocks, a young lawn maintenance guy hung out the truck window and urged me to “bring it!”, which made me grin the rest of the way home.

Later in the afternoon my friend Nancy dropped by with her bike and we went out exploring for a couple of hours. I am not experienced at road biking, so it was great to have her along for company and security and to remind me to signal once in a while.

We went through quite a bit of Sunday traffic. I managed to keep my nerve as we were passed by great big tandem gravel trucks in areas with narrow shoulders, but we won’t go that way again until the construction is done. My legs quit feeling tight somewhere after the first 20 minutes, and once we got up out of town it was great to just let loose and sail through a couple of steep dips. I even used my aero bars a couple of times.

We found a fantastic roller-coastery bike path off the paved road out near Butterfield Acres. No residential sectors in sight; just a pathway that seemed to go from no where to no where. Nobody was on it except a teenager on a teensy mini motorbike. It was surreal and serene at the same time.

We tried to find a way home without all the traffic again, but the construction had eliminated the short cuts I used to know and we had to go back through it. My legs were tired in the last 20 minutes, but it was mostly downhill.

Exploring with Nancy was fun. It was nice to be out in the fresh air with a buddy, with no set plans, and with the fitness level and the confidence to be able to take on whatever twists came our way. It was nice to experience the open road with the bike, too. More fun than I thought.



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