Posted by: Karen | May 31, 2008

Calgary Penguins Celebrate Excusemas

Merry Excusemas!

I’ve posted an Excuse Amnesty Run Report on the Calgary Roadrunners Learn to Run blog. We kept the event simple, friendly and fun. If I promise cookies next time I bet we’ll have a bigger turnout.

Thanks to Dawn for all the great pictures!

Fun Running

In other news, we’ve set up a facebook Calgary Penguins group. Sign up. Chime in with your ideas for getting each other out there. Resistance is futile.



  1. Cute idea.

  2. Bet I’ve got more excuses than you do! Neat idea.

  3. Thanks for this. I did it. I didn’t want to (see my comment on the FB group, I was still grumpy!), but I did, thanks to you and Steve.



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