Posted by: Karen | May 23, 2008

Mazes and Sushi

Job hunting is like running through a maze. I know there’s cheese somewhere! It’s frustrating, tweaking letters and resumes for different positions, filling out on-line forms (personality shredders) and not getting responses.

Last week I changed mazes by dropping in at an employment agency that’s placed me twice before. Within two hours I’d been tested and interviewed, and they set me up with a prospective employer before I even got back to my desk. Over the next three days I spent five more hours in interviews and more testing, and this week accepted an offer to start next week. It’s fun, discovering new ideas and people along the way.

I’m struggling through mazes in my recreational life, too. Last week I tried to take Little Runner to Orienteering, only to realize that we’d gone to the wrong park. After making herculean efforts to arrive on the other side of the city early, we’d shown up at Riverbend instead of River Park. LR didn’t mind much – she was so tired she’d fallen asleep in the car. When we got home she gave me a hug to tame my disappointment.

It is so bitterly ironic that we got lost on the way to Orienteering.

This week we showed up at the right place and got lost on the course. This was going to happen eventually, right? We never did find control #6 out of 8, but we had a lot of fun trying. Every time I’d grumble that the course was too hard or grouse about the damp, cold weather, LR would exclaim in delight “Oooh, flowers!” or “We can see downtown from up here!” Once when I almost tripped she laughed so hard she couldn’t talk for a couple of minutes. I had no choice but to cheer up too! It helped that the course held a great big downhill slope at the end.

The blog has suffered while I’ve been a-mazing, so I’ll catch you up on a few more things before I go.

The CRR Club Night last week was a small group. The three faster guys left promptly at 6:30 and ran probably 8k, while I arrived 5 minutes late and trotted closer to 5k on my own. It was a delightfully warm night, complete with a strong breeze and new leaves popping out on the trees lining the riverside path. Afterwards we enjoyed beer and burgers and caught up on each other’s running plans for the summer.

Last weekend LR and I went to a friend’s cottage on a lake for the weekend. Sunday morning I got out the door with Derek for a solid 7 miler over rolling hills on a country dirt road. It was warm out but the cloud cover held for our run. It just what I needed.

This Tuesday my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary, so I postponed rejoining the running group in favour of time together over sushi and saki.

Last night I stayed home instead of running in the rain because I just felt like it, and no one made me go out. I did get some work done on the Robert Hamilton Memorial Race registration site, however. So I was thinking about running.



  1. Hi,

    Karen, congrats on you and your hubby being married for 19 year already. Marriage has done you very well because you are very much alive!
    Makes me feel I have to go a long road yet: next weekend I have been married for 5 years đŸ™‚

    Hope to see you soon again at our Tuesday night runs!

    Great to hear that you are starting a new job again tomorrow.



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