Posted by: Karen | May 12, 2008

Scout Snow Camping & Mother’s Day

We survived our camping weekend in a foot of snow at Winchell Coulee in the foothills. All four of my family spent Friday night in tents. The kids stayed warm because we made sure they had really warm sleeping bags. Hubby and I froze, because we’d only brought a quilt and some blankets (I thought we’d packed two quilts, but the second didn’t make it).

Saturday Hubby and I packed up the tent and the big air mattress and he took them home. The cold had made his hips ache terribly. The kids and I stayed and went for a long group hike, made crafts, hung out in the long house and wandered around camp outside.

When it got dark again they held a formal campfire with skits and songs and cheers from the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and leaders. The formal campfire was deliberately, absurdly serious and silly at the same time. We had to be silent going to and from the fire, with no flashlights, cameras, or knives allowed. We were not to applaud between acts, yet the songs and skits were hilarious.

Saturday night Little Runner and I stayed inside, in bunks in the heated long house – much better. Venture-boy came in from his tent just to give me a Mother’s Day hug before going back out to make breakfast with his group. It made my day.

I ate breakfast with the Vents. They made sausages and pancakes on an outdoor griddle. We ate outside while the sunshine tried to turn the snow into slush. Little Runner stayed inside with the Beavers in the dining room. They’d pack up first, then eat later.

I went for a short run of about 40 minutes on a very big hill in the mud and slush. When I returned, Little Runner proudly presented me with a second breakfast of pancakes and sausages. Very funny!

After breakfast there was a “Scout’s Own” ceremony in lieu of a church service – very interesting. They also held their “swim up” and “leap up” ceremonies for those kids moving up levels.

Hubby came out and brought us home. The second we got home, Little Runner gave me a little plant she’d started at school (which I’d discovered and watered before we left) and a clay pot and tissue flower she’d made. Vents-boy gave me card he’d slipped into the cart when we were grocery shopping last week.

Then we unpacked and started laundry and bread and cookies for the week, and invited hubby’s parents over for take-out Swiss Chalet chicken – yum. I was tired, but we sure packed a lot into the weekend!

Hopefully I’ll have some pics for you later in the week, but for now, on with our regularly scheduled lives…



  1. Wow, all in all it sounds like a terrific weekend despite the snow. Swiss Chalet chicken…I love that stuff. I am a sauce addict!

  2. That’s a seriously great weekend! How cute you got two breakfasts 🙂 Hope hubby’s hips are better now!

  3. So hubby is a hippy? I didn’t know. Thought that was only back in my generation. Ha, ha. Mommy made a funny. Glad you had a fun Mother’s Day anyway.

    And you camped in the snow? Here we have green grass and pussy willows and sunshine and the leaves are coming out, along with a few brave misquitoes, and robins and red winged blackbirds and snow geese and an almost dry basement!!! Found any crocus yet? XOXOXOX

  4. So much fun — I’m totally envious! It sounds wonderful!


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