Posted by: Karen | May 9, 2008

Thursday Running

If you’re running a Mother’s Day race this weekend, I wish you all the best. Little Runner and I have celebrated this way together and it’s a lot of fun. This year, however, we’re going camping with the Scouts, to make up for the trip postponed from last month’s blizzard.

Last night our run from the Tech Shop turned out well, considering that I drove home from work in a downpour enhanced with hail the size of tapioca. I cajoled a couple of runners into coming out with “show up and if it’s still terrible weather we’ll go for coffee”. What do you know, the rain/snow/sleet/haily stuff stopped for slightly more than the 50 minutes in which we ran.

Huh. Never did get coffee.

Next Thursday, May 15 is Calgary Roadrunners Club Night. This is a monthly event when we go for a nice social run by the river starting promptly at 6:30, and then gather upstairs at the Key West Bar & Grill downtown for supper. Newcomers and regulars welcome.



  1. I don’t know about you, but I did manage a gigantic steaming cup of tea when I got home. Right as the snow started falling! Our timing was impeccable. Thanks for convincing me to get out.

  2. Happy M:smile:ther’s Day!

  3. That didn’t work very well. The smile was meant to be the “o” in Mother.


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