Posted by: Karen | May 8, 2008

Excuse Amnesty Run May 29

We all have excuses for missing runs, but real runners get back out there anyway. Many times I’ve had to chant to myself “no excuses!” as I’m kicking myself out the door.

How about you? What’s kept you back?

No, don’t tell me here – pop over to the Calgary Roadrunner’s Learn to Run blog and plan to join in their Excuse Amnesty Run later this month (also on facebook).

If you’re not in Calgary, you’re still welcome to join us for a virtual celebration of overcoming running-avoidance excuses, wherever you are. Post your excuse in the comments or on the facebook event wall, and run.



  1. I HAVE to start running with diarrea like regularity, I entered Ladies Fest with Heather in Lethbridge the 21st of June:sad:


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