Posted by: Karen | May 2, 2008

Work Blogging Policy

In the history of my running blog, I’ve rarely talked about my work. I don’t run for a living, so it doesn’t really apply to the blog’s mandate. I do cherish the great network of contacts I’ve made through running, and my current position actually came as a result of a referral from a running friend.

Sadly, yet not depressingly so, I’ve decided to move on from this job and seek another. Being the upbeat, positive-thinker that I am, I tend not to complain, but to seek out solutions. Calgary’s job market offers many interesting opportunities and I’m interested in seeing what’s out there.

You know me as a consistent runner, volunteer, family member, contagiously enthusiastic friend, writer, goal setter, achiever, and one who loves a good challenge. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, so I hope you don’t mind if I ask for a little help from you in my job search. I’d be happy to email you a copy of my resume if you’d like further information.

That being said, we now return you to your regularly scheduled running blog:

ORNs: (obligatory running notes)

Monday: Ran 6 x 9:1’s with my Learn to Runners. Wow, in a little over a week we’ll be finished our program! We conquered a big hill in the last two run sets, and I was impressed with how well everyone did. They’re going to have a great experience at the Mother’s Day race.

Thursday: Due to some scheduling conflicts (and probably other very good reasons), the entire class had something else to do. I did not show up for naught, however, as Fiona, a friend from the Calgary Roadrunners, came out and we had a great run together. We even made it a little ways into Nose Hill Park, in search of pasque flowers. There were hills involved, and we never did find the flowers, but we had an awesome run for over an hour. Just what I needed.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be running from the North Tech Shop at 9:00 am with at least one friend. Let me know if you’d like to come too.



  1. want to move to california? we’ve got a couple positions open here!

  2. You probably wouldn’t be interested in moving so I can’t be of much help but I do hope you find the best of the best job!

  3. Sure would be nice if we could just ‘do what we love to do’ and get paid for it. I suppose some of us enjoy that luxury – sadly, most do not. I’m with you on the change. I know Calgary has lots of opportunity and I’m certain that you will find a place to leave a mark. You can send you resume to me if you like. Want to move to NS? 😆

  4. Good luck with the job search! Wish I knew someone in Calgary for you.

  5. I have a couple of positions for you here, but the pay is crap and the vacation time is non existent..but you have the experience..:lol:

  6. Good for you to take control and move on! We’re facing layoffs, yet again, and I’m doing everything in my power to hang on. I wish I had the guts to walk away and find something new!

  7. Hey Karen, how’s the job search going? I don’t know of anything as I am not in your line of business and also I guess moving would be out of the question. Maybe I could keep my eyes open better if I knew exactly what you did for work before.


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