Posted by: Karen | April 16, 2008

Family Bread Night

We are a busy family, but we also have a crazy addiction to Nana’s whole wheat bread recipe. You just can’t buy bread as good as our home made stuff. I bake about four loaves every week or two, and while it is yummy, it takes time to prepare.

Yesterday we were down to our last loaf, but I had made a promise to show up and introduce some new runners to my favourite club last night. What to do?

I whipped up two recipes of dough, one after the other, in our heavy duty mixer when I got home from work. While those rose, I made some tuna casserole (I know, again) and had time for a quick dinner before popping out to the running meet-up.

Before I left, I asked Hubby to butter the loaf pans and cut the dough into even portions, and to hang out with Little Runner while she shaped them. She’s done this before. She likes this part.

I didn’t run with the group, just made a few introductions and came back home to four nicely shaped, rising loaves. Neat.

I’d had a long day and was fading fast, but the bread still needed baking. The teen formerly known as Soccer Boy is a night-owl, so I turned on the stove, set the timer, asked him to bake the bread and subsequently remove it from the pans to cool.

We awoke this morning to four beautiful loaves of our favourite bread. Oh, I like this system. We have to do it again.



  1. recipe? is it shareable or Nana’s secret recipe? 😛

  2. Yum. I always knew you were multitalented. XOXOXOXOXO


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